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Electric law

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) / foundation ear

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WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 81129330 The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) in Germany implements the EU WEEE directive on the handling of electronic waste.
The ElektroG should ensure that WEEE is not disposed of with household waste, but collected and recycled separately.
Controlled and controlled disposal will continue to combat the illegal export of WEEE abroad, reuse valuable raw materials and reduce the negative impact on the environment and health.

In order to supply as large amounts of electrical and electronic equipment as possible for environmentally friendly disposal, municipal collection points were set up, which had to be equipped with a sufficient number of containers to hold the old devices. The further recycling and recycling of waste equipment is financed by manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment subject to registration in Germany.

The foundation ear and its tasks
The foundation ear with seat in Fuerth (Bavaria) is the "common place of the manufacturers" within the meaning of the ElektroG. It was established in the national legislation of manufacturers as part of the implementation of the EU Directive to reduce the increasing amount of electronic waste from obsolete electrical appliances - in short, the WEEE Directive.

With a mortgaging notice dated 24.10.2015, the Federal Environmental Agency has entrusted the stiftung with sovereign tasks from the ElektroG. The mortgage payment notice dated 06.07.2005 was canceled by the decision dated 24.10.2015. The foundation ear ensures the competitive implementation of the ElektroG by fulfilling in particular the following tasks and powers:

  • Registration of manufacturers placing electronic devices on the market in Germany or, in the case of authorization according to § 8 ElektroG, by their authorized representative
  • warranty check
  • Establishment of collective producer guarantee systems
  • Recording of the quantities of electrical appliances placed on the market
  • Coordinate the provision of containers for transfer points and the collection of waste at public waste disposal facilities
  • Fee collection for public services provided by it

    WEEE-Guide-Countries. Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment of the European Parliament and of the “WEEE”

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