PUR Smart BC Set 10mcr Activated Carbon Block chlorine plus 3-way faucet DELTA

PUR Smart BC Set 10mcr Activated Carbon Block chlorine plus 3-way faucet DELTA

PUR Smart BC Set 10mcr Activated Carbon Block chlorine plus 3-way faucet DELTA

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Set contents:
1x 3-way faucet LED DELTA kitchen tap sink faucet osmosis system
1x PCB QUICK Set 10mcr Activated Carbon Block Water Purifier Chlorine

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PUR Smart BC 10 μm Carbon Block drinking water filter + 3-way faucet DELTA LED with filter change indicator

An activated carbon block is often the only necessary tool to convert tap water into perfect drinking water.

Although tap water is well controlled but treated with chlorine for germ prevention, in many cases it is perfectly sufficient to use an activated carbon filter to remove the chlorine and organic pollutants. Due to the pressed activated carbon in a block you also have the assurance that all solids in the water are filtered up to a size of 10 μm.

Water filters are not only about effectiveness but also about functionality and design. That´s why we´ve developed our best-selling and most popular PCB filter and made it even better.

The PUR Smart BC is a handsome, easy-to-install filter equipped with a large Quick-Change cartridge for up to 10,000 liters of drinking water. The filter change is extremely simple, so that the semi-annual filter changes take only seconds.

The delivery includes fitting material 3/8 "for cold and hot water, and 1/4" water tube.

In combination with our 3-way faucet DELTA LED with filter change indicator you will always be reminded in time of a filter change.

This guarantees a consistent water quality. In addition, with the attractive 3-way faucet DELTA LED you have the opportunity to expand your existing hot and cold water with an outlet for the filtered water. The installation of a separate faucet is therefore no longer necessary.

The filter cartridge of the PUR Smart BC consists of pressed activated carbon and filters these pollutants out of the drinking water:
- chlorine
- pesticides
- taste impairments
- odor impairments and fine particles
- insecticides
- solvent
- lime flakes
- organic pollutants
- in addition, the filter removes oils and flavors

The filter cleans the water up to 10 micron.

Additionally you will receive:

3-way faucet DELTA LED with filter change indicator for osmosis systems and filter systems for drinking water extraction

For those who do not want to have a second hole in their sink, we offer a space-saving and practical solution with our 3-way DELTA LED fitting.

Simply replace your existing tap with our 3-way faucet and you have filtered water at all times.

Faucet for the best drinking water

Our innovative faucets with LED filter change indicator combine design and functionality in a compact and attractive fitting.

The modern design presents your filtered drinking water in a stylish garb that will impress you and your guests.

The use of high quality materials and solid workmanship guarantee that your DELTA LED faucet will be a long-lasting eye-catcher in your home.

Quality and safety in the foreground

So that you are reminded in time of the necessary maintenance intervals of your osmosis system or your drinking water system, the DELTA LED faucet is equipped with an intelligent LED indicator, which constantly informs you about the current status of your filter system.

In normal operation, the LED flashes blue. When it´s time for a filter change, a red LED lights up. At the latest then you should get new filter cartridges for your filter system and replace them promptly so that you are consistently supplied only with the best water.

Technical specifications:

The surface of the 3-way faucet DELTA LED is hard chromed.

Including mounting material 3/8 "for cold and hot water, and 1/4" water tube


Total height approx. 300 mm
Total width: approx. 162 mm
Outreach: approx. 215 mm

The delivery includes:

- PUR Smart BC filter head including filter cartridge
- 3-way fitting 3/8 "+ ball valve
- tube
- JG hose adapter 3/8 "thread to 1/4" hose
- Wall bracket incl. fixing screws
- 1 replacement filter cartridge
- 1 faucet 3-way DELTA LED hard chromed

Filter dimensions without wall bracket and adapter:
Height: 295 mm
Diameter: 85 mm

Maximum temperature: 45 °C
Lifetime: approx. 6 months (depending on the water quality and the flow rate)

Recommended flow rate: 2-4 l / min

Application areas:

water treatment
boat filter technology
chemical industry
pharmaceutical Industry
cosmetic industry
surface treatment
laboratory technology

You get 1 PUR Smart BC set including 1 x 3-way faucet DELTA LED and accessories packed in a box.

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