PUR Quick 6 stage UF water filter system 100% water yield plus 3 way faucet

PUR Quick 6 stage UF water filter system 100% water yield plus 3 way faucet

PUR Quick 6 stage UF water filter system 100% water yield plus 3 way faucet

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Set contents:
1x PUR Quick 6 stage UF water filter system 100% water yield
1x 3-way faucet LED GAMMA kitchen tap sink faucet osmosis system
1x Brass chrome plated coupling 3/8"˝M x 3/8"F x 1/4˝F FT03

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PUR Quick 6 stage UF water filter system with 100% water yield + high quality 3 way faucet GAMMA with LED filter change indicator

For decalcified water - important minerals remain in the water!

No additional tank is needed. The capillary membrane filters 100% of the incoming water without producing wastewater!

PUR Quick 6 represents a complex solution in the case of polluted water in offices and households. The standard set of the fitted cartridges frees the water from such contaminants as sand, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, organic substances, heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic. It also removes a variety of bacteria and viruses and lowers the water hardness (only average water hardness up to a max. of 14 °dH).

The capillary membrane (4th stage) consists of fibers called capillaries. In the walls of the capillaries are small channels, which diameter shrinks from the outside to the inside of the fibers. Lager dirt particles are held on the surface of the capillaries (surface filtration), the smaller particles penetrate into the interior of the channels until they hit the smallest pores (depth filtration).

Capillary filtration is a real alternative to osmosis filtration. The filtration process eliminates 99,8% of harmful substances such as microorganisms, bacteria and viruses without removing trace elements necessary for the body. Important minerals thus remain in the water, the conductivity is thus hardly or not lowered!

PUR Quick 6 water filter system is ideal for every household - determine the quality of your drinking water for yourself!

With PUR Quick 6 you achieve a completely new taste experience!

Innovative TWIST CHANGE SYSTEM for the simplest and most uncomplicated cartridge replacement ever! It is no longer necessary tu unscrew and screw down the housing cup with a spanner.

Simply turn the old TWIST-CHANGE cartridge counterclockwise and pull it out, insert the new cartridge, turn it clockwise and ready! For a smooth change we recommend wetting the o-rings of the cartridges.

ATTENTION: Please check to ensure that the o-rings are correctly positioned on the cartridges before starting up.

With this set you also get a high-quality 3-way tap GAMMA with LED filter change indicator.

For those who do not want to have a second hole in their sink, we offer a space-saving and practical solution with the 3-way GAMMA LED fitting.

Simply replace the existing faucet with our 3-way faucet GAMMA and tap your filtered drinking water as desired.

The advantages of PUR Quick 6 stage UF water filter system

  • real alternative to reverse osmosis
  • no wastewater! 100% water yield
  • technical development of the EXCITO-B
  • compact dimensions, can be used anywhere wether in the kitchen or camping, on the boat etc.
  • this system does not need a storage tank and therefore it is extremely space-saving
  • best price-quality ratio in Europe
  • innovative TWIST CHANGE SYSTEM
  • lowers the water hardness (only at average water hardness up to a max. of 14 °dH!)
  • important minerals remain in the water, the conductivity is thus hardly or not lowered!

Filtration of pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, organic substances, chlorine as well as fine sediments and to reduce water hardness.

The delivery contains:

PUR Quick 6 UF water filter system
- connection fitting 3/8"
- modern faucet with ceramic seal
- modern chrome-plated 3-way faucet GAMMA with LED filter change indicator incl. fitting material 3/8" for cold and hot water (EAN 4260303253619)

Complete filter cartridge set::

  • 1st stage: PP 10 µm "melt blown" polypropylene sediment filter
  • 2nd stage: GAC CARBON cartridge with granulated active carbon
  • 3rd stage: CTO activated carbon block 5 µm filter cartridge
  • 4th stage: UF ultrafiltration membrane 0,02 µm
  • 5th stage: inline ANTI KALK cartridge Greenline RFC
  • 6th stage: inline activated carbon postfilter T33

Filter change intervals as recommendation (depending on the water quality):

  • 1st - 4th stage: filter change every 6 months (EAN 4260303252537)
  • 5th - 6th stage: T33 cartridge (EAN 4260303252629) and RFC inline ANTI KALK cartridge (EAN 4260303252575) filter change every 6 months

Technical details:

- flow rate: approx. 2 ltr/minute
- required water pipe pressure: 0,15 - 4 bar
- connection: 3/8" inch
- water temperature range: 5°C to 40°C
- weight: approx. 3,7 gk
- dimensions device: H 410 mm x W 345 mm x D 80 mm
- dimension faucet: 365 mm height x hole 36 mm

Technical applications:

For all processes in which pure water is used, for the production of drinking water in home or for well and source water treatment and for aquaristics.

https://www.purway.de/images/pdf.gif MANUAL PUR QUICK 6 UF AS PDF
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