SLIDE 35 Water Softening System lime-scale filter water softener

SLIDE 35 Water Softening System lime-scale filter water softener

SLIDE 35 Water Softening System lime-scale filter water softener

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SLIDE 35 water softening system water softener lime-scale

The water for drinking, sanitary or technological use, coming from the water system or from an autonomous supply, can be particularly hard, that is it can have a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts. Precipitating, these salts create scaling, damage boilers, kettles, water systems and domestic appliances in general.

The SLIDE 35 water softener utilize the exchange of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions with sodium (Na) ions, making the water to be softened flow on a strong cationic resin bed. The resin is rich in sodium ions; the hard water is filtered and the ions responsible for the calcium and magnesium scaling are held on the surface of the resin and replaced with sodium ions, whose salts do not cause any deposits.

To ensure the treatment is effective, regenerate the filtering bed at regular intervals with an NaCl (brine) solution. This is done automatically by the multi-function controlling head, controlled by an electronic displacement timer/control.

Technical details:
Autotrol Valve: F69P3
Resin Filling (l): 25
Flow Rate: 1.200 - 2.500 litres/h
Dimensions tank (DiameterxH): 258x891 mm

Dimensions device: width 480 mm x length 530 mm x height 1100 mm

Functional Area:
Max. Op.. Pressure: 6 bar
Min. Op. Pressure: 1,5 bar
Max. Op. Temperature: 5 - 38 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 4 - 40 °C
power supply: AC100/240V/50Hz/60Hz, Output DC12V/1.5A

The delivery includes one Water Softener SLIDE 35

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