DP2 PFEXFAG 5 mcr 3/4" iron filter cartridge - reduces the iron concentration

DP2 PFEXFAG 5 mcr 3/4" iron filter cartridge - reduces the iron concentration

DP2 PFEXFAG 5 mcr 3/4" iron filter cartridge - reduces the iron concentration

DP2 PFEXFAG 5 mcr 3/4" iron filter cartridge - reduces the iron concentration

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Set contents:
1x DP 10 DUO 3/4" OT TS DOUBLE quality housing of polypropylene X-SERIES
1x PFEX iron filter iron reduction deferrization manganese chloride sulphite
1x PFAG 5 µm 600L/h 10“ pre-filter with granular activated carbon protection filter
1x W2 - wall bracket (blue) for DOUBLE filter housing purway
1x S1-DP / F SPANNER for X-SERIES for housings of purway DP and F series black

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DP2 PFEXFAG 5 mcr 3/4" iron filter cartridge - reduces the iron concentration


1 x Double housing DP 10 DUO, 10" inches, IN/OUT 3/4"
1 x PFAG prefilter with activated carbon granulate 5 mcr 10"
1 x PFEX filter cartridge of deferrization with two filtration mediums 10"
1 x wall bracket W2
1 x spanner

The PFEX iron filter is filled with a mixture of three highly concentrated water filtration media (granulate) which reduces the iron concentration in the water (dissolved and undissolved), the content of hydrogen sulfide , metallic taste and bad smell . It normalises the ph-balance .

The dissolved FE² is converted into FE³ and extracted out of the water by the iron filter using hydrogen in which FE² is oxidized to FE³.

Reduction of:

Iron (can be used up to a max. value of 4.0 mg / l)
Manganese (can be used up to a max. value of 0,1 mg / l)

Sulfite up to 0,9 mg/l
Oxide up to 4,0 mg/l
Chloride up to 4,8 mg/l
Silicates up to 35,0 mg/l

Water with high iron content is the main cause for wear and corrosion of industrial plants and domestic appliances because of scale deposits. Rust formations and brown edges occur on sanitary equipment like bath, shower, and sink.

Reduction of brown colouration and turbidity

- iron ions treatment

- reduction of bad taste and smell

- reduction of light flavours

Moreover, the filter system eliminates sediments like sand, dust, rust etc.

Applications : Filtration and treatment of potable water, well water, domestic water, waste water, protects fittings, boiler, pumps, water tanks, washing machines and other technical equipment as well as the pipes.

It is connected directly to the mains water supply.

To extend the service life a sediment filter cartridge PFAG is connected upstream.

1 x 10” inches DOUBLE housing

Dimensions filter housing : Heigth: 325 mm Width: 122 mm Depth: 107 mm
IN/OUT connection brass thread 3/4"
Max. working pressure: 8,0 bar
Max. working temperature °C 45

1 x PFEX iron filter cartridge deferrization 10" (EAN 4260303250830)

- iron ions treatment
- bad smell and taste reduction, filtration of fine particles
- eliminates light oils
- Dimensions: 248 mm x 70 mm x 26 mm
- Longevity: approx. 4 - 8 months or. 3.000 ltrs. (lifetime depends on quality of inlet water and its parameters - max. 0,4 mg/l iron and max. 0,1 mg/l manganese - and water flow)

!In the case of PFEX iron filters, it can happen that granulate dust can first leak, which is caused by transport.
Let the water run until the water is clear. If necessary, install subsequent filters afterwards.!


1 x PFAG / pre-filter with activated carbon granulate 5 microns (EAN 4260303250014)

- filter cartridge 5 µm made with polypropylene thread, removes scale, sand, lime flakes, rust and other fines. Suitable as a prefilter, e.g., with well or rainwater tanks.
- Dimension: 250 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm
Max. working temperature °C 45
Longevity: approx. 6 months (lifetime depends on quality of inlet water and its parameters)


Water Treatment
Chemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Cosmetic Industry
Surface Treatment
Laboratory Technology

The filter system is originally packed with 1 x DOUBLE housing, 2 x filter cartridges, 1 x wall bracket W2 and 1 x spanner

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